HASE God of Wealth Revamp


The classic image of the Hang Seng God of Wealth is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. At that time, Hang Seng wanted to distribute New Year pictures to merchants, so it asked his colleague Su Liang to create the Hang Seng God of Wealth. The raised tail finger of the left hand of the God of Wealth is its unique symbol. The New Year paintings are exquisitely painted and have become a Hang Seng classic. They are also a must-have New Year decoration for local shops during the Lunar New Year.

Celebrating Hang Seng’s 90th anniversary and adhering to the brand concept of “Everlasting Change, Unlimited Life”, we join hands with Tinbot™, to design a new image for the Hang Seng God of Wealth, retaining classic elements and details while incorporating a new design style to perfectly transform the original God of Wealth.

Character Design: Secret Tour Hong Kong
IP Right & Creative Support: TinBot™