Maxim’s MX Sir Chicken

Maxim’s MX, a chained fast food restaurant in Hong Kong, has revamped the classic dish by serving the boneless Hainan. To emphasize the extraordinary tender and silky texture and let all the gourmets in the city know about this hidden gem, A homophonic and eye-catching name was created. “美心MX SIR滑雞” (Maxim’s MX SIR Chicken) consists of two levels of meanings. First, the Maxim’s MX’s Chicken is so tasty that it deserves to be honoured as “SIR” ; second, in Cantonese the pronunciation of “SIR滑雞” (sir-waat-gai) is a resemblance of the playground slide “SIR滑梯” (sir-waat-tai). It is not just a meaningless resemblance, we actually created a slide for “Sir Chicken” to test its silkiness to overcome the resistance. Who can imagine a piece of chicken sliding on a playground slide? Maxim’s MX is telling you that with the unusual tender & silky texture, it is possible!