They might only be a part of our lives, but to them we are their whole lives. There is nothing more precious than a life-time promise to our pets, especially when they grow old. Riding on the key theme of “promise”, this campaign promotes our client’s pet insurance through the narrative of a pet cat. The thematic video is compiled of daily yet irreplaceable moments between the cat and her owner, which resonates with the experience of most pet lovers. The heart-warming story has created a buzz on the internet and has gained a lot of positive feedback for the brand.


More than the video, this campaign also leveraged the influence on Chinese New Year and Japan cultural elements, implementing 5 kinds of Japan style lucky charm for One Degree registered users. By applying own pet’s information on dedicated website, applicants could receive the actual lucky charm with blessing for your pets, which attracts large amount of new users to apply a better insurance for their beloved pets.